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Hattah Lakes

Hattah Lakes
Hattah Lakes

The Hattah Lakes icon site forms part of the 48,000 ha Hattah–Kulkyne National Park. Located in Victoria, this icon site includes over 20 semipermanent freshwater lakes that support river red gum communities and a variety of native plants and animals. They are also important breeding places for waterbirds.

Returning Water to Hattah Lakes Episode 2

Returning Water to Hattah Lakes Episode 1 and 2 look at the environmental works undertaken to benefit one of The Living Murray's icon sites. The MDBA has worked collaboratively with a range of organisations and individuals to improve the environmental health of the lakes, including Mallee CMA, Parks Victoria and Goulburn Murray Water.

Environmental delivery

Water flows into Hattah Lakes
Water flows into Hattah Lakes. (Photographer: Heather Peachey)

Under The Living Murray program, the Hattah Lakes icon site is provided with environmental water to help achieve its ecological objectives.

More information about environmental delivery for Hattah Lakes

A revised environmental water management plan based on updated scientific information has been developed for Hattah Lakes.

More information about the Hattah Lakes environmental water management plan

TLM environmental works and measures

Water in channel on commissioning of the Hattah Lakes project
Water in channel on commissioning of the Hattah Lakes project. (Photographer: Heather Peachey)

The environmental works and measures program funds infrastructure to deliver and manage water at TLM icon sites, including  Hattah Lakes.

TLM environmental monitoring

We monitor the environmental health of Hattah Lakes to assess whether we are meeting the site's needs under The Living Murray objectives.

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