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Barmah–Millewa Forest

Watering events 2014–15

There was no environmental watering in the Barmah–Millewa Forest throughout 2014-15 but some water entered the forest through natural flows.

Ecological objectives

Moira Lake with Barmah Lake in background
Moira Lake with Barmah Lake in background (Photo: Keith Ward).
Spotted marsh frogs breeding after rain
Spotted marsh frogs breeding after rain (Photo: Brooke Ward)

There are four high-level ecological objectives for the Barmah–Millewa Forest:

  • restore the extent and distribution of healthy wetland and floodplain vegetation communities
  • provide suitable feeding and breeding habitat for a range of waterbirds, including colonial nesting species
  • support successful breeding and recruitment of native fish species
  • provide high quality feeding, breeding and nursery habitat for native frogs, turtles and crayfish.

About Barmah–Millewa forest

The Barmah–Millewa Forest icon site is the largest river red gum forest in Australia. Located in New South Wales and Victoria, the forest covers 66,000 ha of wetlands, which is home to many threatened native plants and animals. It is also a significant breeding site for waterbirds and an important native fish habitat.

Our vision is to maintain and, where practicable, enhance the ecological character of the Barmah–Millewa floodplain.

Past watering events

Water Year




355 GL

Successful growth and flowering of Moira grass, successful breeding of colonial waterbirds, improved health for floodplain vegetation and benefits for native fish and turtles.


2.9 GL

Successful breeding of colonial waterbirds at Boals Deadwood.


424.6 GL

Improve the health of river red gums and other floodplain vegetation, contribute to successful bird breeding, and provide a flow pulse for fish breeding.


199 GL

Recovery and maintenance of wetland vegetation, and contributed to a successful bird breeding event.


2.4 GL

Recovery and maintenance of wetland vegetation, and maintenance of bird breeding and foraging habitat.

*Note that volumes may include water from The Living Murray, The Barmah–Millewa Environmental Water Account, the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder and the Victorian Environmental Water Holder.

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12 March 2015

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