Basin Plan roll-out

Bridge to Gooloogong. Photo by Tom Chesson.


While the Basin Plan provides a framework for implementation, it is crucial that we work together with the Basin states (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory), water management authorities, Basin communities, industry and other key stakeholders to achieve a healthy, working Basin.

Throughout the Plan's implementation, we will work collaboratively with our partners to ensure the Basin continues to support communities, the environment and industry. We will address key considerations that will impact on the delivery of the Basin Plan to ensure the resources of the Basin are managed in an integrated and sustainable way.

For more information about how the Plan was developed see the Basin Plan section.

Latest news

Irrigated agriculture

You’ll see there have been some important trips in the north since our last check-in, as well as chats about river management and other basin business. 

Waterbirds, fish and floodplain vegetation species have evolved to withstand highly variable water availability in the northern Basin.