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Changes to Dartmouth flows in mid‐January – flow advice

14 January 2014

Landholders and river users are advised to take into account reduced water releases from Dartmouth Reservoir into the Mitta Mitta River commencing this Thursday morning, 16 January, and make any necessary adjustments to their river activities.

The flow will be reduced gradually from the current flow of 6,000 megalitres per day at Colemans gauge (gauge height 2.35m) to about 2,500ML/day (gauge height 1.8m) by Thursday, 23 January.

The releases of 2,500ML/day in late January are lower than previously planned as water demand downstream of Hume Reservoir has not been as high as forecast. However, some high releases of up to 6,000ML/day at Colemans gauge are possible in February and March.

The flow at Tallandoon is now about 6,000ML/day (2.35m gauge height). Current forecasts, assuming dry conditions, indicate that the lower releases from Dartmouth Reservoir in late January will result in a flow of about 2,500ML/day (2.05m gauge height) at Tallandoon from 24 January.

Dartmouth Reservoir is currently storing 3,625GL (94 percent capacity). These "harmony" releases from Dartmouth Reservoir to Lake Hume provide additional flood mitigation capacity at Dartmouth Reservoir for the coming winter and spring without affecting the security of supply to downstream water users. Variations in the release rate are aimed at improving the Mitta Mitta River's water quality downstream of the Dartmouth Reservoir.

A further flow advice will be issued if these forecasts change significantly.

MDBA routinely updates the flow forecasts on the MDBA website each Wednesday.

The Weekly Report is also available on the MDBA website.


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