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Lake Mulwala levels update

28 June 2013

The water level in Lake Mulwala is likely to continue to vary over the next four weeks as water is released from Yarrawonga Weir to help manage increased salinity levels downstream.

MDBA executive director David Dreverman said flows from Yarrawonga Weir were currently helping to manage salinity levels at Mildura Weir while it is drawn down for essential work to repair its concrete base.

"So far, the flows from Yarrawonga have helped us to keep salinity levels at Mildura to a manageable level over recent weeks," Mr Dreverman said.

"There hasn’t been much variation to water levels at Lake Mulwala due to inflows from the Kiewa and Ovens rivers, however, this could change depending on the rainfall over coming weeks.

"If conditions are dry over the next two weeks, water held in Lake Mulwala will be needed to supplement inflows from the Kiewa and Ovens rivers, and the lake level could be drawn down by more than one meter. However, under a wet scenario, it would not need to be lowered at all."

Over the past four weeks, the level in Lake Mulwala has varied between 124.5 and 124.8m AHD, while releases have varied between 3500 and 6000 ML/day.

Releases from Hume Reservoir during this time have been at the minimum rate of 600 ML/day.

Mr Dreverman said that regardless of how far the lake was drawn down, Lake Mulwala would be refilled by late July for the start of the irrigation season.

Boat operators, stock owners, river pumpers and other river users should consider adjusting their activities as a result of the changes to water levels.

The MDBA will continue to closely monitor river and salinity levels throughout the drawdown period.

Further information is updated weekly in the River Operations Weekly Report, and the flow and salinity forecasts available from the MDBA website at


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