The Darling River in far-western New South Wales. Photo by Josh Smith.


The Murray–Darling Basin Authority publishes numerous research and technical reports, educational material and extensive information on the Basin for communities, governments, industry and students. 

The Publications store contains not only reports of the MDBA but also brochures and other communication items.

These publications are available to download however, if you experience any difficulties with accessing any of these publications contact for an alternative format.

The Knowledge and Information Directory contains research, reports and information used in the development and implementation of the Basin Plan and other MDBA programs.

Recent publications

Factsheet: How the sustainable diversion limits in the Basin can change

The Basin Plan provides an opportunity in 2016 to change the Sustainable Diversion Limit (SDL)...

Strategic Priorities - Basin Plan water trading rules

Water trading rules are used by the Murray Darling Basin Authority...

Assessment of the salt export objective and salinity targets for flow management 2014–15

This document reports the progress of water quality objectives and water quality targets as...

Waterhole refuge mapping and persistence analysis in the Lower Balonne and Barwon–Darling rivers

The project provides a better understanding of the location and persistence of waterholes in the...