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River Data & Information

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority provides a range of regularly updated data and information about Basin water resources with a focus on the River Murray system.

Information includes updates rain, inflows, recent and planned operational activities, river flows, storage levels, releases and salinity with short-term forecasts provided where available.

MDBA continues to improve and extend data provision where possible and aims to provide a consistent and accurate service.

The MDBA collects and stores Data and information about Water storages in the Basin, River Murray System Operations including live river data and current river data and Water Quality.

Did you know?

Long-term historic data sets:

MDBA is responsible for gathering and maintaining long-term hydrometric data sets for the River Murray system. MDBA collates and processes the data collected each day to maintain databases of quality checked and modeled historic data that provide a long-term record of river flows, storage levels, salinity and other water attributes.

Data collection and quality

MDBA, through the partner governments, operates and maintains a network of remote hydrometric monitoring stations. The network is relied upon for the on-going recording and provision of river and storage levels, rainfall, and various water-quality attributes. The data collected is used in day to day river operations as well as other water management and planning activities.

Data users should be aware of the provisional nature of the near real-time and recent data published on the web. It has not been quality checked and may contain errors and omissions. Data users should exercise caution, as the unpredictable and variable nature of the riverine environment means that the system and provisional data provided is never 100% reliable or accurate. Provisional data values may also undergo future adjustments resulting from data correction processes.

Other data providers

Hydrometric data provided by MDBA focusses on key parts of the River Murray system. Data from other gauging sites and other parts of the Basin can be obtained from the following agencies and government services:

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