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Basin Plan

The Basin Plan provides a coordinated approach to water use across the Basin's four States and the ACT. The Basin Plan is developed under the Water Act 2007 and represents one more step in the ongoing journey of managing our rivers.

It limits water use at environmentally sustainable levels by determining long-term average Sustainable Diversion Limits for both surface water and groundwater resources.

The Authority has determined 10,873 gigalitres per year (GL/y) to be the volume of surface water that reflects an environmentally sustainable level of take as a long term average with different limits for every river valley in the Basin. For groundwater, this volume is 3324 GL/yr.

The Plan is an adaptive framework and will be rolled out over seven years. It aims to achieve a balance between environmental, economic and social considerations. It allows for further improvements in outcomes through a sustainable diversion limits adjustment mechanism and a constraints management strategy. The Plan is supported by Commonwealth investment in modernising irrigation infrastructure and voluntary water purchasing through the environmental water recovery strategy.

The Basin Plan includes:

Basin Plan documents

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18 September 2015

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