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Latest media releases

2019 critical year for Basin Plan implementation

The MDBA has today released a report card highlighting six areas of high importance for successful implementation of the Murray–Darling Basin Plan.

COAG anchors water rules in Murray–Darling Basin Compliance Compact

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority has welcomed the endorsement of the Murray–Darling Basin Compliance Compact by the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the state and territory First Ministers at...

Murray River planning revised in line with continued dry conditions

Updated operational planning for the Murray River has sharpened focus on the potential for dry conditions to continue through to winter 2019.

The iconic Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme is Australia’s largest hydro-electric power system. It supplies 32% of all renewable energy to the eastern mainland grid. Although it is dwarfed by larger hydro systems in other countries, the snowy scheme serves another vital purpose - capturing and diverting water into the Murray-Darling Basin. Learn more here:

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