Basin Plan compliance

We are currently reviewing the MDBA’s compliance strategy. Our strategy and guidance material will be updated by the end of 2017.

Read about the Basin-wide Compliance review.

We are responsible for monitoring and dealing with breaches of parts of the Water Act including the Basin Plan.

We have an emphasis on engagement, education, support, transparency and reporting and we will work in good faith with all parties and use our enforcement powers only when needed. We will seek to resolve non-compliance through negotiation and/or mediation.

We have a number of possible enforcement responses including:

  • accepting undertakings from a person that they will comply with the Act
  • seeking a court declaration that a person has 'committed a contravention'
  • applying enforcement notices
  • seeking court injunctions.

We can take action if a person or entity 'has, is or proposes to engage in' conduct that is inconsistent with parts of the Water Act such as the Basin Plan, state water resource plans or the water trading rules.

Our approach to compliance is detailed in the MDBA compliance strategy.

To learn more about the possible risks of non-compliance with the Basin Plan we commissioned an environmental scan. The Environmental Scan 2013 is the resulting report and identifies threats, trends and potential noncompliance issues over the next decade.

The MDBA, Basin states and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder have agreed to publish annual statements of assurance to ensure people can see progress in the implementation of, and compliance with, the Basin Plan.

If you have any questions, concerns or information please contact us.

Phone: 02 6279 0684

Fax: 02 6248 8053

Address: GPO Box 1801, Canberra City 2601


Should you wish to provide information to us regarding allegations of breaches to the Basin Plan you can write via the form.

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