Learn about the challenges we face in managing water in the Murray–Darling Basin by playing our educational games.

Basin memory game

Challenge your brain with this memory game and learn about the amazing plants, animals, landscapes and communities of the Murray–Darling Basin as you go! Check out our Basin facts to find out about the pictures in the game.

Choose the two-player mode to challenge a friend and select one of three difficulties.

Water sharing game

This is an interactive way to think about how to fairly share water across all users of a river system. All you need is a jug of water and some plastic cups. Download the instructions, including printable cup labels

Other games you might enjoy

Note: The following links will take you away from the MDBA website.

Catchment Detox

Play Catchment Detox to put your catchment management skills to the test.

Aqua Republica

Aqua Republica is a serious game that aims to promote sustainable water resource management. Players make decisions about sustainable catchment management, and in doing so learn about the connectivity and importance of water resources.

The UNEP-DHI EcoChallenge uses Aqua Republica to get high school students to consider the issues of sustainable water management and growing resource demand. Curtin University hosts the Australian gateway for EcoChallenge 2016 (run from January to April 2016) – register your school's interest today!

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