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Last year we invited submissions from people to provide feedback or to support the proposed Basin Plan amendments. Submissions closed on 24 February 2017.

We sought feedback on two key amendment areas:

There are also some technical corrections and amendments as a consequence of changes to other legislation, for example the Water Act 2007.

We then held community information sessions around the basin explaining the proposed amendments and the rationale behind them.

All submissions were published online unless  requested to remains confidential.

At the end of the submission process feedback was collated and is being used to inform the Murray–Darling Basin Authority's final proposed amendment. We also consulted with our counterparts in State Governments and Basin State Ministers.

A report outlining any changes to the proposed Basin Plan amendments is being prepared and will be made publically available.

A recommendation will be provided to the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.  Once the Minister makes a decision, the amendments will be tabled in parliament.

If you would like more information on the proposed Basin Plan Amendments please email us or phone 1800 230 067.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017


So I guess you will empty the menindee lakes again to justify a pipeline

The current draining of the Menindee Lakes is unjust and a very poor decision of the arrogance of your attitude towards the Eco system and surrounding water supply to the area. Previously before the MDBA the Menindee Lake Scheme and the Lower Darling River was healthy and prosper. In a very short time there has been a very dry Lake Scheme and the Darling River in the worse state I think anyone has seen in the last 30 yrs. The MDBA will be responsible for the death of an Eco system in Australia to satisfy irrigation farmers and deny the environment. Appalling.

Hi Sandra and Clay, the longstanding Murray–Lower Darling Water Sharing Plan has safeguards built into the water sharing arrangements so that the use of Menindee Lakes is limited to protect local New South Wales town water supply and lower Darling use once lake volumes fall below 480GL. There is more information here:  

I will be surprised if you receive many submissions. I think most people are just sick of writing them. Many people have spent countless pointless hours doing this so many times for the MDBA and others to complete their box ticking exercises and do exactly what they were going to do in the first place.

draining the menindee lakes to for political gain and line the pockets of upstream irrigators while destroying the diverse eco system and tourism in this area is nothing short of criminal act while the murray is still running high as well as for evaporation what a load of codswallop as it is being sent to a lake with the same evaporation rate and as for the rule book someone should starting to rewrite the book and the new proposed pipeline should be scrapped

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