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Accountability and reporting

We are committed to good and transparent governance. Here you will find information about our planning, reporting and other documentation about our business. 

Corporate publications

  • Portfolio budget statements
    Our budget statement is published by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. It provides information on our Commonwealth funding and how we will use our allocated funds each financial year.
  • Corporate plans
    We update our corporate plan each year to set out our goals, the strategies we will use to achieve them and how we will measure our performance. It is our primary planning document for the next 4-year period.
  • Annual reports
    Annual reports include information on MDBA’s performance and financial management for each financial year.

Mandatory reporting

  • Executive remuneration
    We provide an annual update on the remuneration paid to our Executives.
  • List of MDBA files
    Every 6 months we produce and publish an indexed list of titles for files that we create. These lists are required by Senate Order.
  • Regulator performance framework metrics
    We measure our performance against 6 key performance indictors (KPI) and carry out a self-assessment of our regulatory performance. This is in accordance with the Australian Government's Regulator Performance Framework.

Our submissions

Requesting information from us

  • Freedom of information
    Access our Freedom of Information (FOI) disclosure log or find out how to make an FOI request.
  • Information publication scheme
    The Information Publication Scheme (IPS) is part of the Freedom of Information Act 2016. Read our IPS Agency plan and access documents that we publish under the IPS.

Reporting to us

  • Public interest disclosure
    We have authorised officers to whom an incidence of wrongdoing can be reported under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013.
  • Complaints Management and Procedures guideline
    This guideline comprises the Murray–Darling Basin Authority’s Complaints Management and Procedures Guideline and has been designed to assist both complainants and staff.

Policies and governance

Reviews of water management in the Basin

Updated: 03 Aug 2021