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Corporate structure

The MDBA carries out its work through four portfolios all led by our Chief Executive Mr Phillip Glyde.

View the MDBA organisational chart (PDF 330 KB).

Basin Plan Regulation Portfolio

Undertakes a variety of regulatory functions, which range from the assessment of water resource plans to, management of the system of accounts that keeps track of how much water is taken each year from the Basin's rivers, valleys and groundwater systems. The Basin Plan Regulation Portfolio is also the home of the Office of Compliance. 

Management team:

  • Executive Director: Tim Goodes
  • General Manager, Office of Compliance: Daniel Blacker
  • General Manager, Water Resource Plan, Policy and Assessment: Phil Alcorn (Acting)
  • General Manager, Sustainable Diversion Limit Accounting and Aboriginal Partnerships: Tony McLeod
  • General Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation Reporting: Audrey Van Beusichem

River Management Portfolio

Works with state partners to lead and coordinate the management of the River Murray system under the Murray-Darling Basin Agreement; including infrastructure management, River Murray operations and environmental management.

Management team:

  • Executive Director: Andrew Reynolds
  • General Manager, Assets: Angus Paton
  • General Manager, Environmental Management: Janet Pritchard
  • Senior Director, River Operations: Tom Zouch (Acting)
  • Senior Director, River Modernisation: Joe Davis
  • General Manager, Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Mechanism: Andrew Kremor
  • Senior Director, Joint Venture Business Improvement: Jo Kneebone

Basin Strategy and Knowledge Portfolio

The portfolio drives and facilitates science and decision support information that guides river management and Basin Plan implementation. The portfolio also aims to strengthen communications and build stakeholder confidence in water management in the Basin.

Management Team:

  • Executive Director: Vicki Woodburn
  • General Manager, Communications, Engagement and Strategic Policy: Megan Winter
  • General Manager, Applied Science: Jacqui Hickey (Acting)
  • Senior Director, Hydrological Analysis: Alistair Korn (Acting)
  • Senior Director, Hydrology and Climate Adaptation: Matthew Coleman

Business Services

Runs the business of the MDBA providing strategic and support services including financial management; procurement and planning; advice on people and culture; legal, parliamentary and secretariat services; governance, risk and audit advice; management of data and remote sensing; and information and technology.

Management team:

  • Executive Director: Annette Blyton
  • General Manager, Legal and Government Relations/Chief Legal Officer: Kelly Casey
  • Chief Information Officer: Rod Barlow
  • Chief Finance Officer: Harish Madan
  • Senior Director, People and Culture and Regionalisation: Cedelle Burroughs
  • Senior Director, Governance: Sarah Coles
Updated: 05 Feb 2021