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Corporate structure

Our organisation is made up of 5 divisions, River Management, Policy and Planning, Compliance, Environmental Management and Corporate, all led by our Chief Executive.

Office of the Chief Executive

  • Chief Executive: Phillip Glyde
  • Partnerships and Engagement General Manager: Vicki Woodburn

River Management

  • Manages the investigation, design, construction, operation and maintenance of River Murray assets, including major water storages, locks and weirs, barrages and salt interception schemes — from Dartmouth Dam (north-eastern Victoria), to the Murray Mouth (SA), and on the Darling River upstream to Menindee Lakes
  • Manages the sharing of waters of the River Murray between NSW, Victoria and SA

Management team:

  • Executive Director: Andrew Reynolds
  • Assets General Manager: (Acting) Paul Sureda
  • Operations Senior Director: Joe Davis
  • Water Resources Senior Director: Pradeep Sharma

Policy and Planning

  • Oversees Basin Plan implementation
  • Leads the implementation of specific components of the Basin Plan including:
  • Water Resource Planning
  • SDL adjustment mechanism
  • Social and Economic monitoring and evaluation
  • Northern Basin program
  • Water Markets and Trade
  • Evaluation and reporting

Management team:

  • Executive Director (Acting): Colin Mues
  • Water Resource Planning General Manager:  (Acting) Marcus Finn
  • Water Management General Manager: Tony McLeod
  • Chief Economist General Manager (Acting): Phil Townsend


  • Monitoring and dealing with breaches of parts of the Water Act, including the Basin Plan.

Management team:

  • Executive Director: Russell James
  • General Manager:  Brent Williams

Environmental Management

  • Manages the delivery of environmental management programs
  • Leads the implementation of specific components of the Basin Plan including:
  • Environmental water planning and management
  • Ecological monitoring and evaluation
  • Provides ecological science and model-based advice to support implementation

Management team:

  • Executive Director: Carl Binning
  • Water Quality & Environmental Water General Manager: Jo Kneebone
  • Eco-hydrology Analysis General Manager: Peta-Joanne Derham


  • Provides legal, parliamentary, finance, budget, human resources, planning, performance reporting, information technology, risk and governance, records management, office administration, security, media and internal & external communications services to the agency
  • Manages the Authority Basin Plan compliance
  • Provides secretariat support to the Authority, Ministerial Council, Basin Officials Committee, Basin Community Committee and other high-level committees

Management team:

  • Executive Director (Acting): Annette Blyton
  • Chief Legal Officer: Kelly Casey
  • Chief Finance Officer: Harish Madan
  • Chief Information Officer: Michelle Black
  • Chief Data Officer: Scott Wood
  • People and Culture: Cedelle Burroughs
  • Procurement, Planning and Performance Director: Sarah Coles
  • Secretariat Director: (Acting) Kirsten Henderson 
  • Chief Risk Officer: John Taylor