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Basin Plan Implementation Committee

The Basin Plan Implementation Committee was established by the by Basin governments and the MDBA under the Murray–Darling Basin Plan 2012 Implementation Agreement to help implement the Basin Plan.

The Committee provides a high-level forum for governments to monitor, review, and make decisions about implementing the Agreement, including ways of working with communities. The Committee also acts as a forum where we can consult with Basin States and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office (CEWO) on all aspects of Basin Plan Implementation.

Membership of the Committee comprises of 1 official from each of the Basin States, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, the CEWO, and the MDBA, who chairs the Committee. The Committee meets around 4 times a year.

Working groups have been established to undertake tasks at the request of BPIC and to provide advice on particular aspects of Basin Plan implementation. These 4 working groups are the:

  • Water Resource Plan Working Group
  • Environmental Watering Working Group
  • Water Trade Working Group
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group.
Updated: 15 Sep 2020