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Research partnerships

Building enduring partnerships with the science community is integral to our work.

Partnerships with the research community are being developed that will:

  • provide advice on research gaps and scoping of research projects
  • synthesise existing scientific knowledge
  • undertake commissioned research and analysis to meet specific needs
  • provide advice on the best available science and evidence base including knowledge gaps
  • provide peer review to ensure best available science is being used and the evidence base is continually improved.

We actively engaged with a number of research partners interested in working on water reforms within the Basin.

Research partners

We are forging collaborations with a number of research institutions and universities to help provide the knowledge for improved Basin management. These include:

Partners in data and information

To ensure access to the best available data and information that is relevant to the Basin, we have also signed Heads of Agreements with a number of Australian Government Statutory Agencies. These agencies are leaders in providing first-class scientific information and knowledge that supports governments in making informed decisions about the use and management of resources, the management of the environment and natural resources, and the wellbeing of communities. Memorandums of understanding have been signed with:

Updated: 18 Nov 2021