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Annual Report 2014-15



The water to which the holder of an access licence is entitled from time to time under licence, as recorded in the water allocation account for the licence.

Australian height datum

In 1971 the mean sea level for 1966–68 was assigned the value of zero on the Australian height datum at 30 tide gauges around the coast of the Australian continent.

Scientific names of plants and animals

Names of plants and animals Scientific names of plants and animals
Australasian bittern Botaurus poiciloptilus
Australian smelt Retropinna semoni
Australian white ibis

Abbreviations and acronyms

AHD Australian height datum
CMA catchment management authority
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
EC electrical conductivity unit

Appendix E: Communication products

We produce a range of communication products each year, in printed and electronic formats.


2015–16 Basin annual watering priorities (09/15)

Basin-wide environmental watering strategy (20/14)

Basin environmental watering outlook for 2015–16 (01/15)

Basin Plan annual report 2013–14 see Towards a healthy, working Murray–Darling Basin

Basin salinity management strategy 2012–13 annual implementation report (03/14)

Appendix D: Ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance

Ecologically sustainable development is at the core of our activities and business. The Water Act 2007 requires the MDBA to take into account the principles of ecologically sustainable development.

Appendix C: Advertising and market research

This table of expenditure for 2014–15 is presented in accordance with the reporting requirements in s.311A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. Expenditure was in the media advertising category only.

Table C.1 MDBA media advertising for 2014–15




$ (excluding GST)

Appendix B: Agency resource statement and resources for outcome

The annual report must include an agency resource statement table providing information about the various funding sources that the agency may draw upon during the year.

Appendix A: Governance bodies - meetings and outcomes

The Authority

The six member Authority met 11 times during 2014–15 focusing mainly on the implementation of the Basin Plan. Key priorities included developing a process for the assessment and accreditation of water resource plans across the Basin, social and economic analysis work relating to the impacts of the Basin Plan, undertaking extensive community consultation and engagement work across the Basin, and understating the constraints that could be an impediment to delivering environmental water.