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Proposed Basin Plan amendments for groundwater

Please be aware the proposed northern Basin amendments, including the groundwater and minor practical changes, have been disallowed.  For more information read the media release.

At the time the Basin Plan was established, it was identified that there was a need to review the sustainable diversion limits (SDLs) of three groundwater areas.

Key amendments

  • Groundwater SDL to increase from 3,334 GL/y to 3,494 GL/y
  • Eastern Porous Rock - an extra 14.9 GL/y
  • Western Porous Rock - an extra 109.4 GL/y
  • Goulburn–Murray - an extra 37.7 GL/y

The proposed amendments to the SDLs for groundwater are in these three areas:

  • Eastern Porous Rock (New South Wales)
  • Western Porous Rock (New South Wales)
  • Goulburn–Murray (Victoria)

The proposed changes from the three reviews and some other minor changes in South Australia will see the SDL for the extraction of the basin’s groundwater increase from 3,334 gigalitres (GL) per year to 3,494 GL per year.

The increases in extraction limits will have minimal potential impacts on the environment.

Key information

Groundwater snapshot

An overview of the key facts and proposed amendments for groundwater

View the snapshot

Supporting documents

Background information and research

Legal documents

These documents apply for all proposed change to the Basin Plan.