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Reach reports

An important piece of work under the Basin Plan is looking into how we might be even more efficient with environmental water by overcoming some of the constraints in the river system.

Constraints can be things like low-lying bridges or roads near rivers or they can be river management practices and rules.

Throughout 2013–14 we spent time speaking with Basin communities to get feedback about what addressing constraints might mean for them and also, to discuss how we could avoid or mitigate any unwanted effects.

What we have heard and learned has been included in reach reports for each key area:

Murrumbidgee River near Balranald, New South Wales.
Murrumbidgee River near Balranald, New South Wales.

The reach reports include information about each stretch of river investigated and an analysis of what could be done to address constraints. This includes inundation mapping, which outlines areas likely to be inundated during a flood event.

While the reports do not make any recommendations, they do reflect what communities have said about flows in their region.

Most importantly, they are based on our current knowledge of how rivers work. However, we are continually to exploring and analysing hydrological models to find smarter ways to deliver water for the environment.

In some areas we are investigating and developing improved models to better understand the way the water moves through the landscape and the positive and negative effects of the proposed flows.

Updated: 03 Dec 2021