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Social and Economic Conditions report

One of the 15 projects under the Basin Condition Monitoring Program is the creation of a social and economic conditions report.

The Murray–Darling Basin Economic and Social Conditions report will help fill gaps in MDBA’s socio-economic reporting.

The purpose is to:

  • share information to improve understanding of economic and social conditions in communities in the Murray–Darling Basin
  • build evidence for future analysis of socio-economic impacts and benefits from water reform and the Basin Plan
  • improve transparency.

This report was independently prepared by consulting firm Aither and provides a baseline from which to monitor changing conditions.

The findings provide an important stocktake of the best information currently available.

Not all social and economic measures are covered, nor does it assess water policy impacts, but it gives an insightful picture of Basin populations and industries.

View the Social and Economic Conditions report.

Updated: 03 Nov 2022