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Explore the 1 million square kilometres of the Murray–Darling Basin with the ability to zoom down to a 10 metre size with the BasinView imagery tool.

This tool allows you to see average Basin conditions and water presence for the past month.

It is created every month using publicly available data and combining the satellite images taken during the previous month into a summary (median) image.

Various layers can be switched on and off, allowing users to investigate the Basin in different ways including:

  • natural colour (red, green, blue) – shows what the human eye sees
  • water presence (modified normalised difference water index) – highlights open water and wet ground
  • vegetation greenness (normalised difference vegetation index) – showing where vegetation is and how green it is.

For more information on the collection and storage of information by the MDBA, view our privacy collection notice for geospatial satellite images.

Updated: 24 Mar 2023