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Hydrometric networks and monitoring technologies

Water is a precious resource in the Murray–Darling Basin, with a wide variety of communities, towns, farmers and industries all depending on this natural resource. It is important that everyone gets their fair share, while leaving enough in the river system to maintain the health of our rivers, lakes and wetlands and the unique plants and animals that depend on them.

Following the Machinery of Government changes effective from 5 August 2021, metering and measurement content previously available from this page is now available from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

The Australian Government is committed to improving metering and measurement in the Murray–Darling Basin. It is also committed to enhancing the transparency, consistency and accessibility of water information in the Basin, particularly for the northern Basin.

The Australian Government has funded the $35 million Enhanced Water Monitoring and Information (EWMI) Program, to enhance water measurement and monitoring, address compliance concerns and improve community confidence in the Murray–Darling ­Basin Plan.

Through this program 4 projects are being developed and implemented with involvement from 6 government agencies to June 2023, including:

The projects will contribute to the better measurement of water diversions and in-stream flows and increasing the use of emerging monitoring technologies such as remote sensing.

A northern Basin information portal will also be developed to provide increased transparency of up-to-date water information to the public. While initially northern Basin-focused, it is anticipated that in the long-term, other Basin states may wish to collaborate in working together to enhance water monitoring and information for the whole of the Murray–Darling Basin.

Updated: 20 Oct 2021