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Published: 29 July 2022   •   Flow advice

AGL in conjunction with River Murray Operations announced today that releases from Dartmouth Reservoir will be Decreased.

The current discharge at Coleman's Gauge of 2,000Ml/d or 1.71m gauge height will be gradually decreased to 500Ml/d or 1.17m gauge height, commencing at 20:00 hrs on 29/07/2022

This decrease is expected to result in the flow at Tallandoon to reduce to approximately 564Ml/d or 1.40M gauge height.

For further information contact:

Mr Adam Budzynski
AGLDC Team Leader,
AGL Hydro

Ph: +61 4 7680 6417

Duty Officer
River Murray Operations
Murray-Darling Basin Authority

Ph: 02 6279 0100

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