Why is water so important?

The Murray-Darling Basin is Australia's largest river system, and the health of its environment is crucial to communities and our economy. It is important to balance the water needs of the environment with the needs of people. Getting that balance right will ensure a healthy Murray-Darling Basin for future generations.

Run the river

Run the river game screenshot

Run the River – a water sharing challenge is an interactive game designed for smart devices (iPads, iPhones and Android devices) and combines elements of the natural water cycle with the challenges of balancing water use between various water consumers including the river mouth, wetlands, farms, towns and cities. The app has been developed with historic and modelled data from on the Murray–Darling Basin.

In this game, players must deliver water from the river to wetlands, farms and communities, and keep the river mouth connected to the ocean. The player can control dam releases to ensure enough water is provided to all of the water consumers in the game. Difficulty increases with each level as new challenges appear including flood, drought, evaporation, seasonal changes, salinity, watertable rise and increased water demand.

Game features:

  • Interactive tutorial (optional)
  • Based on actual and modelled historic data
  • Sounds and alerts
  • Statistics and results summaries
  • Linked with outcomes from the Australian Geography and Science curricula

Available on the App StoreAndroid App on Google Play

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