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Introducing the Murray–Darling Basin

Rob is a little confused about what the Basin actually is. After looking for one of Australia's greatest natural treasures, he finds things don’t go to plan and gets launched on a (somewhat unwilling) journey of discovery. To learn the incredible value and diversity of the Basin environments, almost getting eaten by a giant prehistoric wombat will seem totally worth it. (12min, rated G)

Lesson packages

Hume Dam, shown here at sunset, is an example of river infrastructure created to manage the unpredictable nature of Australia's climate.

Water as a resource

Year 7  GeographyScience

This comprehensive package includes five discrete units, each dealing with one aspect of water as a resource: influences on the water cycle, availability of water, water quality, and water use & distribution.

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Major Sumner, an elder of the Ngarrinjerri, revived an ancient ceremonial practice to restore the health of the rivers during the millenium drought.

Caring for River Country

Year 10  Geography

Caring for River Country looks at the ways Aboriginal Australians of the Basin have practiced environmental management both traditionally and in the present day, and how these are shaped by environmental wordviews.

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Real data

The MDBA's river data site includes a number of ways to visualise the data collected at many points around the Basin, making it easy to find and interpret the information you want.

Comprehensive data available in clear, accessible formats is available on our River Data website.

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A wide range of professionally-designed and visually-engaging materials can be found in this section.

We also have educational posters, maps, and more available to download or order for free.

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