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Summary 2018–19

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With no delivery of water for the environment into Koondrook Perricoota Forest in 2018-19, most of the wetlands, creeks and waterholes are dry. Only a handful of lagoons near the river still hold a small amount of water. Red gums are increasingly stressed and there is almost no groundcover and very few wetland plants. (Photo: Linda Broekman, FCNSW) Stressed river red gums and dry understorey.


It is important to understand how grazing pressures can impact the recovery of wetland plants. At Myloc wetland, Barapa Barapa Traditional Owners installed fencing to exclude terrestrial grazers in order to measure the response of wetland plants to water, without the disturbance from these animals. (Photo: Jean Dind, FCNSW) Exclusion cages installed at Myloc Wetland.


Water plants thrived in the Pollack wetland which has received small amounts of water for the environment over the last four years. Six native species including pondweed and bulrush were found for the first time in over a decade of monitoring. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the floodplain with many dry wetlands containing no aquatic plant life, limited groundcover and stressed river red gums. (Photo: Jean Dind, FCNSW) Nine different water plant species thriving at the Pollack wetland.


The Pollack continues to provide an important refuge for waterbirds in a very dry landscape, containing 45% of all waterbirds observed in the forest. There was evidence of breeding for twelve species of waterbirds including the sacred kingfisher, Pacific black duck and the Australasian grebe. (Photo: Dan Hutton) Reed warbler nest at Pollack Lagoon.


Drying wetlands within Koondrook-Perricoota forest are placing the fish community under increasing stress. Where there are wetlands with some deeper water, the pools are providing important shelter for small-bodied native fish. Nine small native fish species were found including the Murray-Darling rainbowfish and the threatened unspecked hardyhead.(Photo: Jean Dind, FCNSW) Pollack Lagoon

Past reports for Koondrook–Perricoota Forest

  Overall   Vegetation Waterbirds Fish
flood icon2018-19 D   D D D
flood icon2017-18 D   C D D
flood icon2016-17 C   B B D
flood icon2015-16 D   D D C
flood icon2014-15 D   D D -
flood icon2013-14 D   D D D
flood icon2012-13 D   D D D
flood icon2011-12 D   C D D
flood icon2010-11 D   D D D
flood icon2009-10 D   D D -
flood icon2008-09 D   D D -
flood icon2007-08 D   D D -
flood icon2006-07 -   - - -
dry icon Dry flood icon Very Wet
wet icon Wet moderate icon Moderate

Each year, water is released into the environment depending on the climatic conditions. See the outcomes of water over time for a long-term view of how natural and released water affects the health of rivers.


Stories from the River Murray – Koondrook-Perricoota Forest
Australian pelicans at Pollack Lagoon. (Photo: Dan Hutton)
Australian pelicans at Pollack Lagoon. (Photo: Dan Hutton)
Western side of Pollack Swamp. (Photo: Jean Dind (FCNSW))
Western side of Pollack Swamp. (Photo: Jean Dind (FCNSW))
Pollack Swamp. (Photo: Jean Dind (FCNSW))
Pollack Swamp. (Photo: Jean Dind (FCNSW))
Peron’s Tree Frog, Pollack Swamp. (Photo: Jean Dind (FCNSW))
Peron’s Tree Frog, Pollack Swamp. (Photo: Jean Dind (FCNSW))
Female broad-shelled turtle, Perricoota Forest. (Photo: Dan Hutton)
Female broad-shelled turtle, Perricoota Forest. (Photo: Dan Hutton)
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