Managing water

South Australia. Photo by Michael Bell.

Renmark on the River Murray

Did you know?

The MBDA aims to manage the sustainable use of the Basin's water resources in a manner that protects the environment, its communities and the industries that depend on it. We take a Basin-wide, collaborative approach to managing water in the Murray–Darling system.

Our role is to provide leadership and collaborate with agencies and communities, facilitate engagement between regions and encourage consideration of the integrated and connected nature of the Basin's river systems, when making management decisions.

On a larger scale, dam operations and water distribution along the major Murray and Darling River tributaries and irrigation structures is undertaken by state agencies and water authorities, with exact arrangements varying between the 5 Basin states and territories.

Our stories

Why are native fish so important?

On World Wildlife Day we are looking at how environmental water was recently used to benefit wildlife in Australia’s largest river red gum forest — Barmah–Millewa Forest.

The blackwater events this season have resulted in significant stress and fish deaths in parts of the Murray system due to low oxygen levels in the water. It has also resulted in a fair bit of misinformation.