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Summary 2017–18

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water for the environment delivered at this site

10.4 GL

water used at this site

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Water for the environment delivered
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Climate conditions

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In 2017-18, a drying phase was implemented across Gunbower Forest to reduce the number of carp on the floodplain following widespread natural flooding in 2016.  Reedy Lagoon and Black Swamp, two high priority permanent wetlands, were pumped dry to remove carp and then filled to provide refuges for native plants and animals.


Barapa Barapa Traditional Owners participated in a ‘Connection to Creek’ canoe tour along Gunbower Creek to visit cultural sites. The tour was followed by a field day with archaeologists to map cultural sites identified during the tour.


In Spring 2017, over 1,000 kilograms of carp were removed from Reedy Lagoon and Black Swamp as part of a carp removal trial. Water was then delivered through carp screens to minimise the number of carp entering the wetlands. This allowed wetland plants such as the nationally vulnerable listed river swamp wallaby grass and state listed wavy marshwort, to flourish. (Photo: Damien Cook)


Flows delivered in Gunbower Creek are providing good conditions to support native fish and their recovery. Monitoring is showing a stable Murray cod population in Gunbower Creek. A range of ages and sizes shows that it is a robust and healthy fish population. (Photo: Chris Bloink Ecology Australia)

Past reports for Gunbower Forest

  Overall   Vegetation Waterbirds Fish Other
flood icon2017-18 B   A B C -
flood icon2016-17 B   A B B -
flood icon2015-16 B   A B B -
flood icon2014-15 B   A A B -
flood icon2013-14 B   A B D -
flood icon2012-13 B   B A C -
flood icon2011-12 C   C B C -
flood icon2010-11 B   B A C -
flood icon2009-10 C   B C D B
flood icon2008-09 C   C C B D
flood icon2007-08 D   D C C -
flood icon2006-07 -   - - - -
dry icon Dry flood icon Very Wet
wet icon Wet moderate icon Moderate

Each year, water is released into the environment depending on the climatic conditions. See the outcomes of water over time for a long-term view of how natural and released water affects the health of rivers.


Stories from the River Murray – Gunbower Forest
Black Swamp
Black Swamp
Hipwell Road
Hipwell Road
Little Reedy
Little Reedy
Plant identification course at Reedy Lagoon
Plant identification course at Reedy Lagoon
Reedy Lagoon
Reedy Lagoon
Little pied cormorant chicks
Little pied cormorant chicks
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