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Summary 2017–18

111.9 GL

water for the environment delivered at this site

59.2 GL

water used at this site

52.7 GL tooltip

flowing back to the river system

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Water for the environment delivered
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Climate conditions

Dry - above average temperatures with river flows half the long term average. tooltip
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It is important to balance water delivery with drying periods for Hattah lakes. A drying phase was implemented in 2018-19 to allow floodplain and wetland plants to germinate, grow and set seed. All lakes except Hattah lake and Lake Mournpall dried out.


Sunraysia Men’s shed designed and hand built a new flooding marker which is installed at one of the main lakes at Hattah National Park. The flood marker indicates the natural flooding levels of all major floods since 1956. (Photo: Mallee Catchment Management Authority)


In 2017-18 the environmental works were used to their full extent for the first time. This watered areas of black box trees for the first time in 30 years.


The increased health of black box trees over the last six years has attracted large numbers of woodlands birds such as magpie-lark, blue-faced honeyeater and common bronzewing. However, noisy miners competing for food and habitat may be pushing smaller birds out of the woodlands.


Following natural floods in 2016 and the delivery of water for the environment in 2017-18, Murray cod, silver perch and golden perch were all sampled in the lake system. Connectivity between the River Murray and the lakes is allowing young fish to move to nursery habitats to feed and grow.

Past reports for Hattah Lakes

  Overall   Vegetation Waterbirds Fish
flood icon2017-18 A   A A A
flood icon2016-17 A   A B A
flood icon2015-16 A   A B A
flood icon2014-15 A   - A -
flood icon2013-14 B   A D A
flood icon2012-13 C   B C D
flood icon2011-12 B   B D A
flood icon2010-11 C   D D A
flood icon2009-10 D   C D D
flood icon2008-09 D   D D D
flood icon2007-08 D   D D D
flood icon2006-07 -   - - -
dry icon Dry flood icon Very Wet
wet icon Wet moderate icon Moderate

Each year, water is released into the environment depending on the climatic conditions. See the outcomes of water over time for a long-term view of how natural and released water affects the health of rivers.


Stories from the River Murray – Hattah Lakes
Emu at Hattah Lakes
Emu at Hattah Lakes
Lake Kramen
Lake Kramen
Lake Mournpall
Lake Mournpall
Flowering hardenbergia violacea - false sarsparilla - native lilac
Flowering hardenbergia violacea - false sarsparilla - native lilac
Wetlands learning program at Hattah Lakes
Wetlands learning program at Hattah Lakes
Sacred kingfisher. Photo: Pat Ross-Magee
Sacred kingfisher. Photo: Pat Ross-Magee
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