Barmah Choke trade balance

Barmah Choke, Barmah National Park Victoria
Barmah Choke, Barmah National Park, Victoria. Photo by Denise Fowler

Trade from above the Barmah Choke to below the Choke is restricted to protect delivery of water downstream. This means people upstream of the Choke can sell water to buyers downstream of the Choke, but only if the same or greater volume of water has been transferred from downstream to upstream of the Choke first. We will continue to monitor the situation and will lift or adjust the restriction if conditions permit.

Consistent with normal operations, on July 1 2017 (at the start of the new water year), we cleared the balance available for trading from above to below the Choke. This annual adjustment took into account water savings transferred to the Snowy scheme, and resulted in an opening balance of around 37 GL. This was the initial volume available to be traded from above to below the Barmah Choke. More information on the opening balance was made publicly available on 27 June 2017.

More background information about the Snowy adjustment scheme can be found on the NSW Department of Primary Industries website.

From 1 July 2017, the balance will be:

  • increased by allocation trades from below to above the Choke
  • increased by any deliveries against tags established from below to above the Choke
  • decreased by allocation trades from above to below the Choke.

Further information about this legislative requirement can be found in the Murray-Darling Basin Agreement (Schedule D - Permissible Transfers between Trading Zones) Protocol 2010.

Through the millennium drought, the trade restriction was relaxed and trade occurred freely from above to below the Barmah Choke. On Tuesday, 28 October 2014, trade from above the Barmah Choke reverted to the default position and the restriction was actively applied. We issued a water announcement advising the restriction was in place.

Barmah Choke Balance

Barmah Choke trade

How much can I trade? 123.26 ML*

*The balance shown is the volume of water permitted to be traded from above to below the Choke as of 05:15 pm 21 Nov 2017. If the balance is negative, the capacity will be shown as zero opportunity to trade.

The balance is updated whenever the MDBA is consulted regarding a trade across the Choke. Trade applications should continue to be submitted to Basin states.

For more information regarding the Barmah Choke balance please email

Barmah Choke Graph

Recent Barmah Choke Trade Volumes

Date Down to Up (ML) Up to Down (ML) Adjustment (ML) Rejection (ML) Balance (ML)
22-Oct-2017         126.2
23-Oct-2017 44.5 126.1   352.0 44.6
24-Oct-2017 31.4 51.2     24.7
25-Oct-2017 101.009 59.8     65.9
26-Oct-2017 16.593 71.9     10.6
27-Oct-2017 5.831     20.0 16.5
28-Oct-2017 79.322       95.8
29-Oct-2017 7.284       103.1
30-Oct-2017 51.7 103.0     51.8
31-Oct-2017 7.465 17.4     41.9
01-Nov-2017 54.3 37.8     58.4
02-Nov-2017 26.8 58.0     27.2
03-Nov-2017 3,814.6       3,841.8
04-Nov-2017         3,841.8
05-Nov-2017         3,841.8
06-Nov-2017 7.022 3,802.0   2,897.0 46.8
07-Nov-2017 24.472       71.3
08-Nov-2017 20.0 20.0     71.3
09-Nov-2017 69.1       140.4
10-Nov-2017 5.072 120.0     25.5
11-Nov-2017 17.445   -0.0   42.9
12-Nov-2017 35.325       78.3
13-Nov-2017 82.7 160.0     1.0
14-Nov-2017 22.147 20.0     3.1
15-Nov-2017 15.0     351.5 18.1
16-Nov-2017 60.6       78.8
17-Nov-2017 2.0 77.5     3.3
18-Nov-2017         3.3
19-Nov-2017         3.3
20-Nov-2017         3.3