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Water Markets Product Information

There are a large number of actively traded water access rights throughout the Basin. These rights all have different characteristics including priority, reliability and form of take.

Under the Basin Plan water trading rules, we now collect from Basin states information on the most actively traded regulated water market products. We do not collect information about unregulated products and groundwater products.

Information on approximately 70 regulated water market products is now available.

Additional information on these products are directly available from the relevant Basin State.

QLD Border RiversNSW Border Rivers New South Wales – Queensland Border RiversWimmera-Mallee <br />(unregulated)NSW Lower DarlingSouthern–connected BasinCondamine-BalonneLachlanMacquarie-CudgegongIntersecting Strwams <br />(unregulated)NSW MurrayVic MurrayGoulburnEastern Mount Lofty Ranges <br />(unregulated)Warrego-Paroo-NebineMoonie <br />(unregulated)SA MurrayMurrumbidgeeGwydirNamoiLoddonCampaspeOvensKiewa <br />(unregulated)Broken


  • Information shown does not constitute advice from the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) or the Basin states. Individuals wishing to undertake trade should conduct their own inquiries and verify information with Basin states.
  • The MDBA has compiled this information for general purposes only. Small formatting changes to the information received from Basin states may have been made for consistency.
  • Basin states are responsible for making and maintaining rules for water access rights and the use of water. Basin states are therefore the authoritative source of the information.
  • For technical inquiries about these pages, please contact the MDBA.
Updated: 14 Dec 2021