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Lower Namoi Regulated River - Supplementary Water

New South Wales
SDL resource unit: 
Namoi (SS21)
Priority or reliability: 
Supplementary Water
Total volume of the class on issue: 
115,479 ML
Historic reliability of the class: 

Past Available Water Determinations are available from the Available Water Determinations Register.

Further information regarding historic availability is available from the Water Availability Report For the Major Regulated River Systems.

Fees and charges: 

A full outline of fees and charges can be found on the Water Management fees and charges page including Metering Charges.

Bulk Water Charges are available on the NSW State Water website.

Carryover arrangements: 

Carryover arrangements are described in Part 9 Division 2 of the Water Sharing Plan.

Timing and manner of making allocation announcements: 


Initial Available Water Determinations are made 1 July, then further Available Water Determinations may be made when water becomes available for distribution. It is possible for the 1 July Available Water Determinations to equal zero.


Allocation announcements are made via media releases, displayed on the NSW Department of Industry Water Available Water Determinations page, and also on the media releases page.

How allocation levels are determined: 

Supplementary Available Water Determinations are made once at the start of the year. Unless there is a management change due to the growth in use strategy it is maintained at the maximum value prescribed in the plan generally 100 per cent of share component. Supplementary flow events are announced periodically during the season when high flow events occur with the period of extraction and volume of water to be extracted determined based on the rules as set out in the water sharing plans.

Guidelines for setting Available Water Determinations are set by Part 8 Division 2 of the Water Sharing Plan.

Areas to which this water access right may be traded: 
Areas from which water access rights may be traded: 
Water resource type: 
Regulated System
Form of take: 
Take from a regulated river
Resource Name: 
Updated: 02 Jan 2019