Water in storages

The Basin is Australia's most important agricultural area producing over one-third of Australia's food supply. It is also home to more than 2 million residents.

Water in storage is used for:

  • urban communities
  • stock and domestic
  • irrigation
  • industries

In determining how much of the water is available for use, water managers must allow for evaporation and other losses both in storage and in the rivers and channels downstream.

The information on water in storage in the Murray–Darling Basin is updated fortnightly.

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 Northern Murray-Darling BasinLachlan catchmentSouthern Murray-Darling Basin

For current water allocation data, please refer to the links below:

New South Wales - Water Information, State Water
Queensland - Department of Natural Resources and Water
South Australia - Department of Water
Victoria - Goulburn-Murray Water

This assessment of water in storage does not include water in private storage.