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Published: 02 December 2019   •   Media statements

Everyone has the right to peacefully protest and to voice their opinion.

It's important that different viewpoints are part of improving water management in the Basin.

We know communities across the Murray–Darling Basin are battling against one of the worst droughts on record and it's taking its toll on our landscape, people's businesses, mental health and morale. We're seeing widespread dust storms and bushfires, towns are running out of water, and our native fish are under threat. Some First Nations are telling us they're concerned about the quality of drinking water and the cultural wellbeing of their communities. There is no one this drought hasn't touched.

Pausing or ditching the Basin Plan wouldn't turn the taps or pumps on—and it wouldn't alleviate the pain being felt in these communities during drought.

In these times, remaining committed to restoring the health of the basin is important. When times are tough, available water is stretched and everyone wants more.  

The Basin Plan is a once in a life time opportunity to restore the health of this great river system for the long-term benefit of basin communities.

We are only half-way but we know it's working. There are early signs of healthier rivers.

Implementing the Plan is not easy and not without challenges—however, it remains our nation's best pathway for securing the future of this vital shared resource and the communities that depend on it.

This reform is the first of its kind in the world—we are all learning as we go. The Plan is adaptive and flexible.

Attribute to Phillip Glyde, Chief Executive, Murray–Darling Basin Authority, in response to the convoy to Canberra on 2 December 2019


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