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Published: 04 April 2011   •   Media release

Flows in the River Murray continue to recede. As a result, Weir 15 at Euston will be reinstated with work commencing about the 11th of April, when the flow in the River Murray is expected to be less than 40,000 ML/day.

Part of the reinstatement process is the clearing of debris accumulated against the structure which has been deposited from the high flows. The debris accumulation is probably greater than experienced during previous floods due to the long period of drought prior to this flood.

Due to possible complications relating to debris removal, the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) and NSW State Water advise of the potential for the Euston Weir pool level to fall below its normal full supply level (FSL) of 47.6 m AHD during the reinstatement works. This may occur between 11th and 20th April.

While MDBA and State Water will make significant efforts to avoid a temporary lowering of the weir pool, river users should be prepared for and make allowance if this occurs.

Boat operators will have access to the Lock at Euston Weir while the weir is being reinstated. Lock passage will be available from about 11th April.

Further information will be provided, as the weir reinstatement progresses, through media releases and through the MDBA River Murray Weekly Report, which can be found at

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