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Published: 24 October 2019   •   Media release

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority's (MDBA) latest drought update highlights the impact of minimal rain and increased temperatures across the Basin in the past two weeks.

The MDBA Chief Executive, Phillip Glyde, said while rain in the Darling Downs and the Snowy Mountains were welcome, falls had been sparse throughout most of the Basin.

"Nothing was recorded in central and western regions, including along the length of the Darling River. Water storage levels overall have declined as temperatures have risen and demand for water has increased," Mr Glyde said.

"The Bureau of Meteorology predicts little relief from dry conditions until at least the end of spring. The average temperatures are on the rise, with no area of the Basin dropping below zero last week.

"Many people might expect this year's strong snow season to benefit water resources in the Murray River system. In fact rising temperatures, sunny days and deeper than average snowpack for this time of year have combined to convert snow to vapour rather it melting to water. As a result, we expect reduced inflows to impact Murray storages."

Mr Glyde said blue-green algae alerts are current for the Lachlan River at Corrong in New South Wales and Tullaroop Reservoir in Victoria. Small declines in salinity levels across most measuring points in the Murray River follow modest rainfall in the lower reaches and water for the environment is flowing into South Australia helping to dilute salt concentrations.

The MDBA drought update is prepared every fortnight to provide a Basin-wide assessment of conditions in the lead-up to summer.

For more information and contact details for state and Commonwealth agencies with responsibility for water management, please refer to the MDBA website.


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