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Published: 09 September 2010   •   Media release

The Great Darling Anabranch will receive 47 GL of environmental water, which will see it reach the River Murray for the first time in nearly a decade.

The environmental water will be delivered through an initiative coordinated under The Living Murray program.

Murray–Darling Basin Authority Chief Executive Rob Freeman said this watering would build on the environmental benefits gained from a small flow that reached the anabranch as a result of floods in the north of the Basin earlier this year.

"While the Murray system has received recent heavy rains in some parts of Victoria, the Darling Anabranch has not flowed to the Murray River since 2001-02," Mr Freeman said.

The watering and its environmental benefits have been championed by the Murray–Darling Wetlands Group, a community-based organisation and is supported by the Darling River Action Group.

This new allocation of environmental water will result in benefits along the 460 km-long anabranch, including improved habitat for breeding of fish, birds and frogs and the regeneration of vegetation.

"It's another example of the success of cooperative waterings by multiple environmental water holders to achieve environmental benefits at a Basin-wide scale."

As the water reaches the Murray system, other Living Murray priority sites such as Coombol Swamp and Lake Limbra on the Chowilla Floodplain will benefit from the watering.

Environmental water for this event will be provided by The Living Murray, the New South Wales government and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder.

The Living Murray is a joint program funded by the New South Wales, Victorian, South Australian, Australian Capital Territory and the Commonwealth governments, coordinated by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

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