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Published: 15 April 2010   •   Media release

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority announced today that the Lock 8 weir pool would be partially lowered in preparation for construction of the Mulcra Island Environmental Flows project.

Lock 8 weir pool is on the River Murray about 50 km west of Wentworth , near the South Australian border.

The level will be gradually lowered 30 cm below full supply level, starting in the next few days and, depending on the construction work, is likely to remain lower for a couple of months.

River pumpers, boat operators and other river users in the Lock 8 weir pool are advised to take these changing water levels into account and make any necessary adjustments to their river activities.

The Mulcra Island Environmental Flows Project involves the installation of a large environmental regulator on Potterwalkagee Creek and four smaller regulators.

The works proposed for Mulcra Island under The Living Murray program will improve the health of the Potterwalkagee Creek, and the Mulcra Island floodplain, providing habitat for waterbirds, fish and frogs and watering stressed river redgums.

The works will increase the frequency and area of flooding on the island's floodplain and wetlands by diverting environmental water from the Murray River at Lock 8 through the Potterwalkagee Creek.

The water will be ponded behind the environmental regulators for several months to water the floodplain vegetation. Most of the water will then return to the Murray River downstream of Lock 8.

The Living Murray is a joint initiative funded by the New South Wales, Victorian, South Australian, Australian Capital Territory and the Commonwealth governments, coordinated by the Murray–Darling Basin Authority.

The Authority will issue further advice if there are significant changes to this plan.

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Photo: Michael Bell

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