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Published: 17 October 2010   •   Media release

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has announced that it will commission an expanded detailed social and economic study into the likely social and economic impacts of the proposed Basin Plan on local communities.

The Authority is already moving to appoint consultants to conduct the new study, which is scheduled to be completed by 15 March next year.

"Over the last few days, we've heard loud and clear the call by regional communities across the Basin for further, updated research into the local community effects of the proposed Basin Plan", MDBA Chairperson Mr Michael Taylor said.

"At those meetings, the MDBA has responded by making a commitment to update and broaden its social and economic evidence based on the impacts of the proposed Basin Plan, so we can understand more fully the potential impacts of the Guide proposals on Basin communities.

"This new study will deliver on that commitment, and it will build on the substantial social and economic work we have done to date," he said.

"The project will consider the range of likely negative and positive human, social, financial and economic implications of the proposed Basin Plan within the Basin's 19 regions ", Mr Taylor said.

It will involve extensive consultation with local communities including with local governments.

The study will cover issues including:

  • The direct effects of the proposed Plan on agricultural production and other local industries;
  • Any indirect or flow-on effects of the proposed Plan on local industries and other business activities, and also linked to wider community issues;
  • The human impacts (both costs and benefits) of the proposed Plan, including in relation to the mental health of individuals;
  • Wider social and cultural implications of the proposed Plan; and
  • Financial implications of the proposed Plan.

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