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Published: 22 October 2010   •   Media release

The Murray Darling Basin Authority will publish the detailed technical background volume of the Guide to the proposed Basin Plan (Volume 2) online today (Friday 22 October) on the MDBA Basin Plan website:

Volume 2, entitled the Technical Background Volume of the Basin Plan Guide, will be available live on the MDBA website by 4 pm.

MDBA Chief Executive Officer Rob Freeman said the Guide to the Basin Plan was based on the best available science.

"Volume 2 of the Guide includes additional, detailed hydrological and ecological data. It provides a comprehensive range of scientific and technical data, analysis and modelling that underpins all the other parts of the Guide", he said.

Mr Freeman stressed that the MDBA was committed to working closely with all the Basin region's communities and stakeholders, including environmental and industry groups, and governments at local, state and Federal levels.

"One of our major priorities as we continue to develop the proposed Basin Plan is to ensure that all the data, modelling and information we gather is fully tested and evaluated", he said.

Background on the proposed Basin Plan and the Murray Darling Basin Authority

The Basin Plan

The Basin Plan will provide an integrated approach to manage the Basin water resources in a way that can be sustained through time and in the national interest.

The plan will aim to protect the Basin's water resources for current and future generations. It will identify, and seek to protect and restore, rivers, wetlands and floodplains which are essential to the health of the surrounding landscapes, and cultural values and the communities which depend on those water resources.

What is the Murray–Darling Basin Authority?

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) is a statutory agency established by the Australian Government under the Water Act 2007 (the Water Act). We are responsible for the planning and management of water resources in the Murray–Darling Basin.

The MDBA began operations on 8 September 2008, and absorbed all the functions of the former Murray–Darling Basin Commission in December 2008.

The MDBA membership consists of a Chair, MDBA Chief Executive and four part-time members and approximately 300 staff.

We are responsible to the Australian Government's Minister of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

What does the Murray–Darling Basin Authority do?

MDBA's principal aim is to manage the Basin's water resources in the national interest.

Our roles include:

  • preparing the Basin Plan for adoption by the Commonwealth Water Minister
  • implementing and enforcing the Basin Plan
  • advising the Commonwealth Water Minister on the accreditation of state water resource plans
  • measuring and monitoring water resources in the Basin
  • gathering information and undertaking research
  • educating and engaging the community in the management of the Basin's resources.

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