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Published: 31 January 2019   •   Media statements

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority notes today's release of the report of the South Australian Murray–Darling Basin Royal Commission.

It will take us some time to properly consider the content of the report. It is, as is appropriate, with the South Australian Government who commissioned it, for consideration.

The MDBA provided a comprehensive submission to the Royal Commission which outlined how the Basin Plan was developed, the integrity of the organisation, and the challenges to full and proper implementation.

The MDBA is confident that the Basin Plan has been made lawfully and is based on best available science. There is extensive documentation in our published reports to support this.

The MDBA rejects any assertion by the Commission that it has acted improperly or unlawfully in any way.

The Basin Plan was passed six years ago by the Federal Parliament with strong bipartisan support and with the support of all Basin governments.

The Plan has built-in opportunities to adapt and improve implementation to account for new information and experience.

Governments are half way through the implementation of the Basin Plan. More than 2000 gigalitres of water has been returned to the system; state water resource plans are due to be accredited by the Commonwealth this year; and Basin states are developing measures to improve the protection of environmental flows.

It is vital that this work continues and that the Basin Plan is implemented in full. This is a once in a generation reform that corrects 100 years of overuse, and will take a generation to achieve. It deserves the support of all Australians.


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