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Published: 11 February 2019   •   Media statements

Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) Chief Executive Phillip Glyde listened to community views about the management of Menindee Lakes and the recent fish deaths during a visit to Menindee in western New South Wales.

Mr Glyde visited the region on Thursday with Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack and Parkes MP Mark Coulton to hear from locals about the conditions in the Lower Darling and Menindee Lakes.

Mr Glyde attended public meetings to hear concerns about the state of the Menindee Lakes and Lower Darling River that included representatives of the local Barkandji Aboriginal Community and the Menindee Water Users Group.

"I respect the frank exchange of views and the strong criticisms received during the  meetings and I thank those who made the time to offer ideas for the future management of water in the area," Mr Glyde said.

Mr Glyde said the MDBA was committed to working with the community and other government agencies to investigate the proposals put forward.

"It is important we work together to get the best outcome for communities and the environment," he said.

"I have asked my staff to progress discussions with the community in the coming weeks and I look forward to returning to Menindee in the coming months.

"People in Menindee and Western New South Wales have been living with the reality of drought, and they have every right to be angry and upset about water quality and the fish deaths in the Lower Darling.

"The Australian Government has appointed University of Melbourne Professor Rob Vertessy to lead an independent assessment of the fish deaths in the Lower Darling which is due to provide an interim report to the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources by 20 February."


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