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Published: 28 March 2013   •   Media release

The MDBA would like to correct misinformation reported in The Deniliquin Pastoral Times ("Mayor says MDBA must back localism", 26/03) about cuts to water and natural resource management positions in Catchment Management Authorities.

The cuts to these programs were made by the NSW state government, not the MDBA.

Last year, the NSW state government cut 60 percent of its share of funding for the joint management of the River Murray System. Next year it will increase this to more than 70 percent.

Historically, all the Basin governments have pitched in and shared this funding and the MDBA, as "the agent", has managed the river, maintained the dams, locks and weirs and managed the NRM programs on behalf of all six governments.

After the NSW state government cut its funding, the Basin governments made the decision to cut the Native Fish Strategy and the Sustainable Rivers Audit, and delayed maintenance programs.

Any queries about cuts to regional NRM activities and jobs, research programs, or positions in NSW Catchment Management Authorities are a matter for the NSW state government.

The abovementioned article also calls on the MDBA to "back localism", in implementing the Basin Plan. The MDBA has separate funding from the Australian Government for the Basin Plan and remains committed to working with Basin communities to draw on local knowledge and expertise during implementation.


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