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Published: 21 April 2017   •   Media release

Water levels in the Torrumbarry weir pool will vary between May and August this year in an effort to help the health of the river banks.

Landholders, river users and boat owners are advised to adjust their activities, pumps and moorings as necessary during this time.

Beginning around mid-May, the weir pool will be gradually lowered by about two centimetres per day, to eventually reach a height about 50 centimetres below the normal level of the weir pool when full. The water level will be raised again slowly to around full supply level in time for the start of the irrigation season in August.

The MDBA has timed these changes to the weir pool during winter to have the least impact on local activity.

The weir pool levels will be varied in order to restore a more natural wetting and drying cycle to benefit the local riverine environment. The same approach is now part of routine operations at locks 7, 8, 9 and 15.

The program is supported by the MDBA in cooperation with New South Wales and Victorian water agencies. The MDBA will issue further advice if there are any significant changes to operations.

Updates on flows and river heights are available by subscribing to the River Murray weekly report.

Live river data for the River Murray system can be seen at


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