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Published: 31 January 2020   •   Media release

The Yarrawonga weir road bridge will be permanently closed to traffic in July 2021, once essential maintenance work on the major Yarrawonga Mulwala Bridge has been completed.

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA), Transport for NSW and Regional Roads Victoria have confirmed the date of closure to provide clarity for the local community.

The MDBA head of River Management, Andrew Reynolds, said the crossing was being closed to ensure the ongoing safety of workers and to preserve the integrity of the weir, which performs a vital function in the operation of the Murray River.

"The crossing has been an important part of the region's history since the weir was built in 1939 and has played a pivotal role in connecting the communities on either side of the Murray River," Mr Reynolds said.

"The weir's limited role as a bridge has been long recognised by the Yarrawonga and Mulwala communities and the time has come for it to close, which marks the end of an era." 

Regional Roads Victoria (North Eastern Region) Regional Director, Steve Bowmaker, said the MDBA's commitment to working cooperatively with the state road agencies to select a closing date has allowed for local planning and maintenance.

"This change will affect traffic patterns as road users come to rely on the Yarrawonga Mulwala Bridge as the sole means of driving across the river," Mr Bowmaker said.

"This is why we are providing as much notice as we can to ensure motorists, businesses and local residents can plan for the change.

"Importantly, people will still be able to walk or ride their bikes across the weir."

On average, 1200 crossings of the weir crossing are made each day, compared with 8500 crossings of the Yarrawonga Mulwala Bridge.

The MDBA has been in discussions with Transport for NSW and Regional Roads Victoria for some time to limit as far as possible the impact of the closure.

"Initially closure was expected in 2020, but it has been postponed to allow for maintenance work by Transport for NSW on the Yarrawonga Mulwala Bridge first," said Transport for NSW Director South West, Lindsay Tanner.

"We are yet to finalise the work schedule but anticipate starting to repair the bridge's steel truss and upgrade traffic and pedestrian barriers in April or May 2020.

"This work, which is jointly funded by Regional Roads Victoria, is likely to be completed by the end of June 2021."


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