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Published: 21 September 2022   •   Flow advice

Landholders and river users, including pumpers, on the Mitta Mitta River are advised to take into account the forecast releases of water from Dartmouth Dam and make any necessary adjustment to their river activities.

Rain in recent days and persistent higher inflows have increased the Dartmouth storage to just below the Full Supply Level (FSL) of 486 m AHD. The storage is now forecast to reach FSL during the next 24 hours. Once at FSL, water will begin to flow over the spillway.

Spillway flows will start at low rates initially then steadily increase over the coming days. At this stage releases at Colemans will continue to target a flow near channel capacity at Tallandoon (3.4 m).

If spillway flows increase to a sufficient degree, due to further rainfall and additional inflow, it is possible that flows at Tallandoon will exceed channel capacity during the coming weeks. MDBA will issue a further flow advice if that is forecast to occur or if conditions or release requirements change further.
While flows are well below minor flood level, landholders and river users on the Mitta Mitta River are advised to regularly check the current flows and forecasts on the MDBA website for more information on releases from Dartmouth Dam:

As flows approach minor flood level downstream, MDBA forecasts will be unavailable, so please refer to the Bureau of Meteorology for flood watches and warnings including information for river conditions, forecasts and rainfall in your area:

If you need assistance, please contact your local SES. Download the Vic Emergency App, and set your flood watch zone:

Summary information about the River Murray system is available in River Murray Weekly reports:

If you are observing bank erosion around key assets on your property, as a result of the higher river flows, please call the North-East Catchment Management Authority.  They implement a riparian program in conjunction with the MDBA.

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