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01 December 2022 Events and activities

Narrabri selected to host the 2023 River Reflections conference

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority's third annual River Reflections conference will be held in Narrabri in New South Wales.

25 November 2022 News and updates

Chief Executive Update – November 2022

MDBA Chief Executive Andrew McConville provides his regular monthly update as part of the River Reach newsletter.

23 November 2022 Alerts and advice

Hume and Dartmouth Dams operations update – 23 November 2022

This update provides an overview on how the Murray–Darling Basin Authority is managing Hume Dam and Dartmouth Dam during the current high flows. It...

22 November 2022 Media centre

Address to the National and Rural Press Club

Andrew McConville, Chief Executive, Murray–Darling Basin Authority.

22 November 2022 Media centre

New report signals Murray–Darling Basin Plan water recovery shortfall

The MDBA today outlined the extent of the potential water recovery volume that could be achieved based on the current progress of the Basin Plan's...

18 November 2022 Alerts and advice

Record rain prompts water quality concerns across Basin

Water quality issues have increased as flood waters bring nutrient loads into rivers

17 November 2022 News and updates

And the winner is… Lake Victoria–Tar-Ru

The JS Collings Trophy is awarded annually by the MDBA for excellence in the maintenance of infrastructure along the River Murray.

16 November 2022 Basin stories

Developing leaders is key to the Basin’s future

Sam O’Rafferty is an emerging young leader who is passionate about solving water efficiency problems for growers.