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12 May 2022 Basin stories

Why has all the water gone?

Every few years Lake Mulwala disappears. Find out why and when to catch this memorable sight.

25 March 2022 Basin stories

Lake Victoria Advisory Committee marks 25 years of collaboration

For the past 25 years, strong collaboration between governments, First Nations people and the broader community has been working to protect cultural...

23 March 2022 Basin stories

Sir Angus Houston reflects on his northern Basin ‘listen and learn’ to...

Sir Angus Houston offers a summary of his recent listening tour of the Border Rivers and Condamine–Balonne regions, and reflects on ...

10 February 2022 Basin stories

River monster keeps First Nations message alive

A popular South Australian icon on the River Murray has been connecting communities to Ngarrindjeri culture for 50 years through a story that...

06 January 2022 Basin stories

Fish funding aim to learn more about Murray cod

The Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) is providing $96,000 in funding to learn more about the habitat preferences of Murray cod in the Goulburn...

23 December 2021 Basin stories

Holiday Basin playlist

Join us this festive season as we enjoy songs of the people and the landscapes of the Murray–Darling Basin.

16 December 2021 Basin stories

Rene Woods’ reflections on his first year on Authority Board

This weekend marks the 12-month anniversary of our inaugural First Nations appointment to the MDBA Board. Nari Nari man Rene Woods shares his...

14 December 2021 Basin stories

A decade of connection and healing

The new short film 'A decade of connection and healing' commemorates 10 years of continuous connectivity at the Coorong and Lower Lakes.


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