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20 December 2022 News and updates

Better water information available through government portal

Version 3 of the Murray–Darling Basin Water Information Portal was this month released with a range of new features to improve the platform.

13 October 2022 Alerts and advice

BOM declares La Niña, increasing flood risk for third year in a row

In September, the Bureau of Meteorology announced we have officially entered a La Niña event. This makes the third La Niña in a row, increasing the...

26 August 2022 News and updates

Climate change is the Basin's biggest challenge

Key findings in the 2021 State of the Environment report identify climate change as a threat to the Murray–Darling Basin's water resources.

01 June 2022 Media centre

Wet and wetter conditions in store for most of the Murray–Darling Basi...

A massive turnaround in conditions has seen the volume of water in government-owned dams in the Murray–Darling Basin 2.5x higher than at the same...

22 February 2022 News and updates

Water research kicks off

A solid foundation for building Basin science, based on collaboration and co-design, is detailed in the Water and Environment Research Program’s (MD–...

22 December 2021 News and updates

Hydrological services expanded

A new service that will support Murray–Darling Basin communities to better manage water resources, the Australian Water Outlook (AWO) has been...

10 December 2021 News and updates

Farmers to benefit from new climate tool

Thanks to a new outlook tool, farmers now have access to extreme climate condition information beyond the traditional 7-day weather forecast.

01 December 2021 Basin stories

Basin weather showcased

Mammatus clouds over Daylesford, Victoria feature in the Bureau of Meteorology’s 2022 weather calendar.


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