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18 November 2022 Alerts and advice

Record rain prompts water quality concerns across Basin

Water quality issues have increased as flood waters bring nutrient loads into rivers

24 October 2022 Media centre

Joint media release: Widespread flooding raises risk of water quality...

The Murray–Darling Basin continues to experience widespread flooding in some areas, prompting an increased risk of water quality issues like low-...

24 August 2022 Basin stories

Celebrating river connections during World Water Week

With most of the Murray–Darling Basin currently experiencing higher than average river flows, we're exploring the benefits of connected...

15 July 2022 Basin stories

Be like the yellowbelly fish and only go forward

A heartfelt NAIDOC Week message from our regional engagement officer and Ngemba/Murrawarri man, Phil Sullivan.

08 April 2022 Alerts and advice

Keep an eye out for pest fish!

We need the community’s help to report any sightings of the pest fish species, Tilapia.

08 March 2022 News and updates

Fish protected by projects

Australian Government funding under the Northern Basin Toolkit is helping to protect native fish by building fishways, installing screens on pumps...

03 March 2022 News and updates

Did you know fish climb ladders?

For World Wildlife Day today, find out the fascinating way fish use ladders to move up and down streams over weirs, barrages and locks for their long...

06 January 2022 Basin stories

Fish funding aim to learn more about Murray cod

The Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) is providing $96,000 in funding to learn more about the habitat preferences of Murray cod in the Goulburn...


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