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21 February 2023 Basin stories

What’s in a weir?

All the River Murray locks and weirs are going back in after recent floods. Here’s why they’re so important.

17 November 2022 News and updates

And the winner is… Lake Victoria–Tar-Ru

The JS Collings Trophy is awarded annually by the MDBA for excellence in the maintenance of infrastructure along the River Murray.

14 October 2022 Basin stories

Exploring the Basin's largest dam

Dartmouth Dam spilling for the first time 26 years provides an opportunity to consider its engineering and role in the Basin.

28 September 2022 Basin stories

Historic photos of Hume Dam unearthed

An historic family connection with the Hume Dam has been discovered by an MDBA staff member.

24 August 2022 Media centre

Residents urged to monitor Mitta Mitta levels downstream of Dartmouth

The following can be attributed to Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) Executive Director of River Management Andrew Reynolds:  Communities,...

12 May 2022 Basin stories

Why has all the water gone?

Every few years Lake Mulwala disappears. Find out why and when to catch this memorable sight.

03 March 2022 News and updates

Did you know fish climb ladders?

For World Wildlife Day today, find out the fascinating way fish use ladders to move up and down streams over weirs, barrages and locks for their long...

13 December 2021 News and updates

Water storages continue to rise

It is hard to believe that just over 18 months ago some water storages across the Murray–Darling Basin were almost empty.


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